What others are saying:

"Miss Delaine is an amazing children's piano teacher. Her kind and gentle demeanor combined with a solid musical background creates a rich enviornment for learning that my son has really responded to. Piano days are his favorite days!"- Parent of a student

"Minutes into the first piano lesson, we knew we made the perfect choice. Not only does (Miss) Delaine have a deep knowledge of music, she understands how to convey it to children at any stage."- Parent of 2 students

"Miss Delaine has developed many exercises and games to reinforce important skills and to reach students that learn in different ways."- Parent of a student

Make a Payment: (STEP #3)

There are three ways to pay tuition for lessons. Check, Money Order, or PayPal Credit Card. You may come back at any time to make payments. The address for checks is below.


Grace Notes Music offers the convience of paying your student's tuition online, via Paypal. Please note that a small transaction fee has been added to each of the Tuition Payments drop down menu items. 


Click on the button below to commence with a Paypal transaction.

Tuition Payments

STEP #3- If you've completed Step #1 (online registration) and Step #2 (contacting Miss Delaine), and Step #3 making your tuition payment, Congratulations! You are now processed and your student is a member of Gracenotes Music.

Address for tuition payment: (checks and money orders)

Delaine Miller / Gracenotes

40534 Aynesley St.

Clinton Township, MI 48038